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December 5, 2014 |
With recent rains these tips could be helpful . . .WET UNDER THE SINK When it is wet under the sink there are only a c...
November 5, 2014 |
When I hand a bid to someone, I am sometimes asked, “Why does it cost so much?” This is a hard question to answer in one...
October 8, 2014 |
   The whole concept of being on time and under budget starts with the estimator. It is vital that the person doing the ...
October 4, 2014 |
“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the...
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charles stallings
Real Time Pain Relief works on three levels at the site of the pain!

Helps Relieve Pain...Our ingredients go to work directly at the site of your pain. That means fa...
MaKa Electric
Weekly News Recap

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MaKa Electric
The Sony hackers are threatening an attack on people who go out to see The Interview, writing in a message that they "recommend you to keep yourself distant" from movie theaters and other screening lo...
Randy Mate
Randy and crew would like to wish all a Happy and Safe Hanukkah!
...Any Primary #Business #Opportunity, MUST SEE BRIEF VIDEO --->
Annie Gallecier
This is the best thing i have ever seen.
The Four Corners Alliance Group is the $18 deal that recently caught fire after a few marketing big-leagues started promoting it.
Seriously, a one-time fee of $...
MaKa Electric
Weekly news recap! Have a great weekend all!
Char Bencomo
Totally fun guys! Sign up! You could get some free full products to try. The last things I received free to test was a Victoria Secret workout set (sport bra and capris).
Bill Fernandez
Bill Fernandez
This site will let you make a free squeeze page for your campaigns.
MaKa Electric
Jihadists reacted on Tuesday to the release of the long-awaited US Senate report on the use of torture by the CIA, by taking to social media to call on Muslims to “rise up” in retaliation.

The 480-page...
Thelma Brittain
Thanks Bill think of me for referrals.
Thelma Brittain
  likes this.
Thelma Brittain
Thanks Bill think of me for referrals.
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